Corona machine

Cup cap toothpaste tube high-speed corona processor

  • Type : CTE-2000C:
  • Output rating : 50VA~2000VA:
  • Volume : 250(W)×200(H)×360(D)mm3:
  • Power supply : AC220V(±20%):

Specializing in all kinds of cups, cup lids, toothpaste tubes, etc. With broken cup detection, corona treatment speed and broken cup detection speed can reach 600 pieces/minute. And the control and detection interface can be directly connected with PLC.

Note: When selecting corona treatment equipment for cups, we must pay attention to the detection speed of broken cups. Other companies' products can't detect broken cups at high speed.  However, the speed of CTE-2000C high-speed processing and high-speed broken cup detection of Suman Company can reach 600 pieces /min.